Our Story

by Wendy Lesko

buella2is In the fall of 2007, the Rocky Mountain News featured an article about the Kashi Kari Gallery.  Awed by the picture of the owner’s patio, I visited the gallery on Santa Fe and enrolled in the beginning tile class.
I started hunting for tile to recycle.  And of course, I found some.  Plenty of leftover tile available at little or no cost; you just have to look for it.

The space between my garage and the neighbor’s fence, a narrow and tall section with a gate, presented the perfect opportunity to create my first project.  A narrow and tall space?  But of course, a giraffe!  Unfortunately I cannot draw.  My neighbors, Mike Murphy and Jan Lacher, came to the rescue.  Mike is a fabulous artist and Jan had a picture of a giraffe she took while on safari in Africa.

The first Bonnie Brae Alley Art project was completed in April 2008:  “An Oasis in the Desert:  Zenzele”.  The local book club was reading Zenzele: A Letter for My Daughter at the time.

Throughout the summer of 2008 while consuming large volumes of wine and eating fabulous food at the Bonnie Brae Wine parties, Donna Mosely and I talked about saying goodbye to day jobs and becoming full time alley artists.  (That will never happen for me, but Donna is workin’ on it.)

Inspired by Donna and Dave’s love of Hawaii, the second project kicked off the true spirit of Bonnie Brae Alley Art.  The Bonnie Brae Alley Art Consortium was formed.  Multiple people contributed to the design, tile laying and mounting.  But most importantly, the Unveiling Party was introduced.  Great BBQ, good beer and wine is a must for all Alley Art projects!

Needless to say, interest has grown and several more projects have completed.  Click on The Artwork  to view BBAA.