Alley Art Trivia

Play Alley Art Trivia as you take the tour.

1.  Who’s drinking wine?

2.  Where are the seashells?

3.  Who wears a tiara?

4.  What is Zenzele?

5.  How many cows are in the Bonnie Brae pasture?

6.  Who wears sneakers?

7.  Where is Gilligan most likely to live?

8.  Where can you see Mt Evans?

9.  Which pieces have a play on words?

10.  Who is chasing his own shadow?

11.  What is Magoo?  Do you know the year?

12.  Which piece is the most patriotic?

13.  Where would you like to be in the middle of a long, cold winter?

14.  When finished the roam, who knows when she’s home?

15.  What kind of bird lives on a fence in the alleys of Bonnie Brae?

16.  Where has Mick Jagger graced Bonnie Brae with his presence?

17.  Where can you see a room with a view?

18.  Where are the twins?  What are the twins?

19.  Where are the four seasons?

20.  Name the types of flowers in BBAA.